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About the course

Al Mihad has over 17 years’ experience of delivering ACCA and other professional body courses and expert tutors with professional qualifications and personal industry experience.

This course provides specialist tuition in the principles and values of accounting, specifically designed to prepare you for your Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification exams.

You’ll build the accountancy skills and knowledge necessary for professional practice in a wide range of businesses and sectors, boosting your employability.

With 55 hours in the classroom per module and work to be completed in your own time, you’ll be taught by highly regarded lecturers with experience in the profession. You will also be able to take advantage of the Al Mihad wide range of facilities and services, including our extensive library.

What does this course lead to?

As a member of the association you can use the letters ACCA or FCCA after your name (depending on your grade of membership), and will be able to work in all areas of the profession, from public practice or industry to central or local government. An ACCA member is qualified to hold the position of company secretary for a public limited company.

Who is this course for?

The ACCA qualification is internationally recognised and is a must for those wishing to gain chartered certified accountant status to pursue a career in accountancy.

The Team

The teaching team have a wealth of experience in both public practice and industry sectors, and students are invited to attend regular enrichment weeks – providing opportunities to meet with external professionals and gain insight into career opportunities and working practice in various sectors.

Student Support and Services

Student welfare – Al Mihad is committed to giving you the best possible educational experience during your time with us. As such we have a number of support services and policies set up covering funding, careers and employability, chaplaincy, counselling, international advice, student affairs, key academic skills, disability support and...more.

Facilities @ Al Mihad

We provide a stimulating learning environment and access to state-of-the-art resources to help you make the most of your time with us. Flexible spaces, Wi-Fi facilities and learning zones all contribute to our lively and contemporary study environment at Solent.

Students have access to a collaborative online learning environment, mock exams, support and discussions and this course is competitively priced for face-to-face tuition






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F1- Accountant in Business
F2- Management Accounting
F3- Financial Accounting

Computer  Based Exams:

50 Questions (multiple choice, multiple response, multiple response matching, number entry etc.)

  • Duration: 2 Hours.
  • Schedule: Throughout the year.


F4- Corp. & Business Law
F5- Performance Management
F6- Taxation
F7- Financial Reporting
F8- Audit & Assurance
F9- Financial Management

Paper Based Exams

  • Duration: 3 Hours.
  • Schedule: Four times in a year.Mar & Jun /Sep & Dec.



P1- Governance, Risk & Ethics
P2- Corporate Reporting
P3- Business Analysis

Optional (two to be completed)

P4- Adv. Financial Management
P5- Adv. Performance Management
P6- Advanced Taxation
P7- Adv. Audit & Assurance

Paper Based Exams

  • Duration: 3 Hours.
  • Schedule: Four times in a year.Mar & Jun /Sep & Dec.